D&M Pistol & Rifle Projectile Manufacturing Lines

D&M develops complete turnkey projectile manufacturing cells, incorporating state-of-the-art pistol or rifle bullet manufacturing equipment spec’d for your specific requirements, whether for civilian or military use. 

We can also provide your factory with additional projectile manufacturing machines as needed.

A complete projectile line or cell includes but is not limited to:

Transfer Press

Shapes the copper bullet around a lead or steel core to create complete projectile.

A Projectile manufacturing machine.

Strip De-Coiler

Feeds copper strip (raw material) into the Transfer Press for drawing or pressing before it is fed to the Transfer Press for forming the projectile.

A Strip De-Coiler machine on a white background.

Lead Header Press or Steel Core Unit

Creates the copper bullet or copper projectile core from raw material and feeds the core slugs to the Transfer Press for being encased in the copper.

Lead Header Press or Steel Core Unit on a white background.

Wash Unit

Washes and dries the projectiles or bullets in preparation for loading, assembly, and packing.

A Wash unit for projectiles or bullets on a white background.


NATO Calibers9×19 mm
5.56×45 mm
5.56×45 mm
7.62×51 mm
5.7×28 mm
12.7×99 mm
Non-Standard / Russian Calibers9x18mm Makarov
5.45×45 mm
7.62×39 mm
2.7×108 mm
Civilian Rifle Calibers.223 Rem
.260 Remington
.308 Win
300 Blackout
.338 Lapua
6.5 Creedmoor
6.5 Arc
6.8  SPC
.30-06 Springfield
Pistol Calibers380 ACP
40 S&W
45 Auto
38 Special
.357 SIG
357 Magnum
44 Magnum

D&M can undertake any R&D required for additional calibers not listed here.