An image of the front of D&M Manufacturing building with bushes and trees.
Tampa, Florida
A large building with a D&M sign in front of it.
Cabot, Arkansas

Your success starts with D&M’s experience.

Leveraging 700+ years of combined expertise in ammunition and primer manufacturingD&M Holding Company, a US-based company, through its subsidiaries D&M Ammunition Manufacturing Solutions and White River Energetics (WRE), is the global leader in delivering fully equipped solutions for manufacturing ammunition, primers, and propellants.

D&M has successfully designed, built, and managed some of the most advanced ammunition factories around the globe, for both private and government entities, producing a variety of military, law enforcement and commercial calibers, including NATO, Non-standard Russian, Civilian rifle, and pistol. D&M’s complete ammunition line implementation experience includes projectile and cartridge case manufacturing; primer plant design, construction and startup including metallics production, automated primer mix process, and assembly & packaging cells; and propellant plan design, construction, and startup.

Our US headquarters in Tampa, Florida, and state-of-the-art facilities in Cabot, Arkansas comprise a total of over 75,000 sq. ft. dedicated to design, engineering, manufacturing, and testing, along with an additional 15,000 sq. ft. dedicated solely to primer manufacturing, through White River Energetics. We have a combined, growing workforce of over 170 industry professionals who work with our global customers through every stage of the process to provide: ammunition factory layout; complete projectilecase, and primer manufacturing line equipment; sourcing for bullet and case materials; and quality control procedures, training, and technical support. D&M’s ammunition and primer production equipment is designed and built by D&M, or to our exacting standards, in the US.

D&M is unique in the ammunition and primer manufacturing equipment and lines industry by providing customers access to the industry’s only 24/7 global rapid response teams ready to address any challenges our customers may face in ammunition or primer manufacturing. D&M also provides targeted consulting services to start-ups, existing manufacturers, investors, and customers on a wide range of subjects related to the manufacture of ammunition and primers. Our consulting expertise  includes Business Plans, Initial Financial Models, Price & Cost Analysis, Strategic Planning, Quality Control Systems & Processes, and International Growth.