loading line

Load, Assemble, Pack (LAP) Lines

D&M Loading, Assembly, and Packing (LAP) Lines are purpose developed built for each customer based on specific needs, production requirements, and even location. We offer economical, lower speed smaller systems for smaller factories or for R&D and back up system, we offer high speed dedicated systems for arsenals and large factories, and we over plate loading systems where high output is required and labor costs are low.

We manufacture most loading equipment, but we also partner with other equipment manufactures where it is of benefit to our customers, ensuring our customers get the right equipment at the right price.

Turret Loading Systems

Our D&M Turret loading machine features rotary motion that allows the cases to be accurately held in position thus ensuring consistent quality ammunition. Our design uses individually controlled, micro-adjustable powder drops. An automatic reject system keeps the machines running through non-critical faults without interruption. This is generally set up as a dedicated system producing a single caliber at high speed. Production capacity of this system is 200-220 parts per minute.

Plate Loading System

The D&M Plate Loading System is a low or high-speed multi-caliber Loading System in which each operation is set up as an individual station. The ammunition components are moved from station to station using plate systems which hold up to 200 rounds per plate. The system includes the following operations:

  • Station 1: Case Orientation Unit (Shaker) with Laser Check
  • Station 2: Plate Orientation Station
  • Station 3: Primer Presence Checking Station
  • Station 4: Case Mouth Press with Auto Eject
  • Station 5: Electronic Powder Drop with Laser Powder Check
  • Station 6: Projectile Orientation Unit (Shaker)
  • Station 7: Bullet Seating Press with Auto Eject
  • Station 8: Crimp Press with Auto Eject
  • Station 9: Case Gauge Station
  • Station 10: Plate to Tray Packaging Station

Packaging Equipment

The D&M APM System is a partially automated packaging machine for traying pistol or rifle ammunition in 20 or 50 round trays or into customer specific boxes. Cartridges enter through a feeder bowl and exit on a belt. The operator places trays on the conveyor and the trays automatically move into the system. The machine stops to fill the tray one row at a time until the tray is full. 

D&M also offer complete automated packaging systems through industry partners specializing in high speed packaging. No matter the customs production requirements or financial considerations, D&M can develop a suitable packaging system.