D&M Case Manufacturing Lines

Based on your caliber requirements, D&M uses proprietary equipment for rifle or pistol case manufacturing by either the cup or wire method. Using the cup method, the process begins with one of our transfer presses for drawing tubes from cups, then moving through remaining processes ultimately reaching our own QC/visual inspection stations.

The typical D&M Cartridge Case Manufacturing Linesincludes the following processes and machinery:

D&M/ Transfer Press

In this process tubes are drawn two at a time in a transfer press. The input material can be annealed cups or annealed wire.

Wash, Rinse, and Dry

The formed tubes will go through a multi-stage wash and rinse system. This Drum Multi-Stage Wash Unit is a continuous drum style washer capable of processing your various case casings in a stainless-steel drum. The machine can be set up to perform various functions such as wash, rinse, dry, and polish.

Head Stamp and Primer Pocket

For rifle cartridge cases, tubes are run through a D&M Header Press in which the Head Stamp and Primer Pocket will be created using a specially tooled bunter. A DM Horizontal Header Press stamps the primer pocket and headstamp into the cartridge case in a single stroke. For pistol cartridge cases, we utilize a D&M Transfer Press.


The Head Stamped and Pocketed tubes are then re-washed and dried again in a multistage Wash Unit.

Head Turn and Trim

Cases are run through a D&M Universal Trimming Machine, equipped with a rugged single axis tool slide. After the Head Turn and Trim operations, the cases must go through a Chip Separation process to remove any excess material from the case.

Flash Hole Piercing (Rifle Calibers Only)

After the Head Turn operations, the Flash Holes are pierced into the cases.

D&M Annealing Machine – Body Anneal (Rifle Calibers Only)

After any chips are removed from the cases they are fed into an automated D&M induction annealing system which anneals the case body to prepare them for the next operation.

Neck / Taper Forming (Rifle Calibers Only)

The taper or neck is then pressed into the case using a newly casted and tooled D&M Taper Press.

Polish, Wash, Rinse, & Dry

The tapered cases are again washed and dried in a multistage Wash Unit, followed by in-line polishing.

Mouth Anneal (Rifle Calibers Only)

After cleaning the cases they are fed into a second automated D&M induction annealing system which this time anneals the case mouth to relieve the material stress of the previous operations.

Electrically Heated Pit Furnace

This unit is compact and economical, featuring an electrically heated pit-style furnace using a steam injection system, that achieves temperatures to 1250°F in a nitrogen atmosphere. Nitrogen purges the chamber of any oxygen once the load is in the furnace and the lid is in place.

Cartridge Case Inspection

All finished Cartridge cases are inspected using a high-speed inspection system that utilizes a series of eight advanced proprietary cameras to measure features and detect surface defects.