Primer Manufacturing

D&M manufactures complete turn-key systems for the manufacture of boxer type primers. Our capabilities include metallics manufacturing, chemical composition preparation, and assembly.


For Cup and anvil manufacturing, D&M has multiple options, based on the customers production requirements. We offer state of the art high volume presses as well as smaller high-speed presses which can produce the same high-quality part at reduced volumes. Metallics production includes:

  • Strip de-coiling
  • Cup Presses
  • Anvil Presses
  • Multi-stage Wash Units
  • Quality Control & Inspection Equipment


Our chemical storage and laboratory includes all equipment and process needed for primers, including either separate purpose built bays or buildings for the following:

  • Trinitroresorcinol synthesis through Nitration process,
  • Lead styphnate  Precipitation Plant
  • Tetrazene Precipitation Plant
  • Primer Detonation Mixture Plant
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Material Storage

Our chemical process is nearly 100% automated, so no human is present in the room during the processes.


The D&M Primer Charging, Assembly & Pack (CAP) Cell is a mostly automated “plate” based cell that loads/doses the primer mixture into the primer cups, then assembles the primer through a series of process and inspection stations.  

Once charged and assembled, the primers can be packaged for internal use or for sale or shipment outside of the factory. We offer multiple options for traying and packing from very semi-automated to completely automated systems.